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We simplify life.

We simplify business.

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311 Pennsylvania Ave.

Matamoras, PA 18336


Accounting, payroll and business solutions designed to help you keep more of what you make...


Solutions to help you have peace of mind and allow your loved ones to lead a better quality of life...

About Us

We simplify life. We simplify business.

Bring us your box of tattered receipts, the utility bills and invoices with coffee spills and random notes. Bring us the QuickBooks files you started without any bookkeeping experience, you know, the ones where you entered everything and then had no idea where those entries went. We will turn them into a Profit & Loss Statement you can use to apply for loans, expand your business or simply understand where you are financially.

Bring us the threatening letters from the state or IRS regarding any kind of taxes or audits. Those letters that frighten you and keep you up at night. We will do for you, what we have done for many others in your same situation: we will solve the problem for a fraction of what it would cost you through a lawyer. We will explain everything in terms you can understand and we will fight until we succeed. So far, we have saved clients $5.8 Million in penalties, interest and fees, and the list of clients grows each and every day.

Bring us those high fees you are paying for payroll processing and we will reduce them by at least 33%. We will provide one low flat monthly fee with no hidden charges and extras that other payroll processors want you to pay for like 1099s, W2s and additional check runs. You tell us when, how and where you want your employees to be paid and we will deliver.

Bring us your questions and concerns regarding your new business set up and we will guide you through the complicated maze of state and federal rules and regulations, as well as, help you decide which form of business is right for you.

Talk to us for 30 minutes and see why 573 clients have chosen us over our competitors. It won't cost you a dime. We have to prove to you what we can do, not the other way around. 

About us



Tax and Accounting Client

We  have been clients of Gurian Tax for 30 years. Personal attention is what you get and that's what everyone wants.


Payroll and Tax Client

My payroll was a mess! I was behind on payroll taxes and had gotten in trouble with the state. Elliot cleaned it up and got me on the right track. And if I ever have any questions, I can talk to him at no extra charge. 


Payroll & Accounting Client

I'm very busy. Elliot does my payroll, reconciles my accounts and is the first person I call with questions about purchases, taxes and my overall business decisions. He's become my mentor.


New Business Set Up, Payroll, Accounting

& Tax Client

When I set up my business, I used Elliot. He was easy to talk to. He took the time to get to know me and my business and then made an on-point recommendation.

I use Gurian Tax for everything now. They do my payroll, taxes and accounting. 


Tax Client

I am very impressed with the professional manor and service that Elliot provided. He is very organized and knowledgeable.

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