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bookkeeping plus

A simple and secure online accounting solution that is customizable to your business, your industry and your accounting ability. A solution that provides you with access to your books 24/7 from anywhere in the world. An accounting system that includes your own CPA to make sure everything stays on track. A system designed to save you money.

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in the US, 50% of all small businesses close their doors due to poor financial management.

It is the statistic the Small Business Administration warns about and small business owners hate to hear: 1 out of every 2 businesses will close due to poor financial management. Although you may have some knowledge of basic accounting principles, nothing prepares you for the process of documenting your finances accurately while trying to wear all the other hats in your business. 

Mistakes in your books can increase tax liability, cause penalties and fees, and even result in higher tax preparation costs. If your books are incorrect, it sets off a whole chain of events that is hard to correct. The results can prevent you from obtaining financing and in some cases where incorrect tax payment calculations have been made, cause you to become another statistic.

bookkeeping plus helps keep your doors open and business thrive

Our state-of-the-art online system makes accounting easy and lets you have complete control over your finances. 

We begin by providing you with a secure online portal where you can keep your books, share documents, print checks to pay vendors and even generate real time reports.

Then, you decide how much accounting you want to do, whether you want to just hand us your shoe box full of receipts and let us figure it all out or you want to perform the daily entry of deposits and expenses. 

BOOKKEEPING PLUS also includes the oversight of Elliot Gurian, our incredible CPA and business guru who is always available to answer your questions and provide valuable insight.



We have 38 years' experience  and a solid reputation, which means your books are done right. 



Our cost is a fraction of what it costs you in time and money to do your Books. 



Your Books are available 24/7 from anywhere via your own secure online portal.



Our application is easy to use, understand and completely customizable to your unique situation.



You know exactly where you stand with a full range of reports and one-on-one CPA consultations.

benefits of bookkeeping plus

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