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Whether the pressure is on you regarding the management of your finances or a loved one's, Bill Pay Valet will give you peace of mind. Our service ensures every household bill is paid for, every medical and insurance claim is filed, every issue with utility providers is handled. Because time is precious, and it should be spent enjoying loved ones.

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money management is the biggest cause of stress in the us

There are many reason why families in the US find running a household challenging. Some lack the time to due to work constraints, travel or family obligations. Others are overwhelmed by the amount of  time and effort it takes to keep a home running smoothly. But the challenges don't stop there. There are piles of documents that need to be organized, mail that needs to be sorted, utility issues that require hours on hold just to speak to a live person.

According to one source, almost 6 million people in the US have difficulty managing their daily household finances, which leads to fees, penalties and in worse cases, even service interruption. To make matters worse,  one in every five US adults don't know what they spend on housing, food or entertainment and three out of five Americans do not track their expenses.

bill pay valet gives you peace of mind

To service providers, it is known as Daily Money Management. To our clients, it is the service that allows them to remain indepedent. The valet that has their back.

To the busy professional we are the discreet "right-hand man". We manage bill payments, handle errands and home repair arrangements and even assist in mail sorting. Some of our clients also use our services for scheduling when they are in their "busy season". 

To clients who are facing temporary or permanent medical challenges, we assist by picking up the slack and covering whatever they are unable to do. This can range from check writing and document organization to running local errands or the entire household! 

We are also there during major life changes. We help you get back on track.

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Knowing your household or your loved one's is taken care of and you can stop feeling overwhelmed.



No contracts for this service. You adjust the level of service according to what you need.



We are currently the only service in the North East certified by the Association of American Daily Money Managers. 



Know exactly what we do through your favorite devices. Our secure online portal provides task completion and pending matters.



All matters are handled discreetly and to your specifications.

benefits of bill pay valet

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