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A simple payroll solution that is low cost, customizable to your business and which offers multiple pay options. A service that provides you and your employees a secure portal to view payroll information 24/7. A solution that provides W2s and 1099s at no additional cost. An excellent service that is rendered for a small flat monthly fee. 

i need help from payroll pros

40% of all small businesses pay an average of $845 in penalties to the IRS each year

It is an area of small business that is complicated and very costly. According to the IRS  1 in every 3 small businesses makes a payroll mistake. This means entrepreneurs not only face the challenges of managing human resource, they also have the responsibility of filing  and making tax payments correctly. This process, already complicated by the ever-changing laws, can become overwhelming by multi-state filings, garnishments and social security deductions.

While some business owners think that by making their business an LLC or Corporation, they can be protected, the truth is the IRS will still hold officers liable for non-payment of payroll taxes. And if they do not get their money, they will shut your doors and come after you personally.

payroll pros gives you peace of mind

Peace of mind that your employees will be paid accurately, your filings and tax payments will be made promptly and all documentation will be prepared correctly.

When you first sign up for service, we assign you a unique and secure online portal where you and employees can view payroll information 24/7. Here employees can choose from a wide selection of payment options and you can decide what method is most convenient to you for reporting hours.

We take care of the rest! And if you make a mistake on an employee's check, no worries. There are never any fees for reruns. Best of all, W2s and 1099s are provided at no cost and your payroll will always be hand-delivered or sent through reliable means.




One low monthly flat fee is all you pay. There are no hidden charges and we are below competitor prices. We guarantee it!



Report payroll by phone, email, fax or use your secure online portal. This service is at your convenience, not ours.



Tell us when, where and how you want your employees to be paid and we will deliver to your specifications.



All our work is done in-house and all final approvals are given after our CPA reviews it for accuracy.



You have peace of mind knowing your employees are being paid correctly, your payroll and taxes are accurately filed and you can always speak to our CPA regarding doubts.

benefits of payroll pros

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