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Your talent will get you noticed, but our business skills will make you successful. 

Find out what you need to do to take your business to the top. Sit down with Elliot and let him give you a plan that will take you to the goal of your choice with the best journey possible. 

i need help with my business

poor planning is main reason for Small business failure

What is your goal? What is your marketing plan? How are you going to fund your business? What is your strategy?

These are all questions most small business entrepreneurs can't answer. 

They may be great at what they do, but that doesn't mean they'll be able to know everything they need to make their business a success. This is the greatest challenge, and the reason why so many small businesses fail miserably.

Not knowing how to handle payroll, accounting, daily bookkeeping, set  up your books is a formula for failure.

learn from a CPa with experience

As Elliot, our founder, says in the About Us, he started his practice in just two rooms. He was the cleaner, marketer, CPA, receptionist, you name it.

He began to develop a plan to do more in less time. He accomplished this through a plan. Nothing complicated, just simple things that over time added up and gave him the practice he has today.

Sit down with Elliot and discuss your business. He'll tell you your options for setting up books, doing accounting, handling payroll, doing tax preparation and even handling the IRS if you are in trouble.

We guarantee you'll walk away refreshed, excited and ready to take your business to the top!

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