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tax representation

A service that will relieve the stress and panic of dealing with the IRS. Representation that can successfully negotiate in your favor. An accountant who has saved his clients over $5 Million in taxes, penalties and interest so far. A company with many happy and grateful customers.

i need help with the irs

the irs can and will make you pay

in 2015 individual taxpayers paid over $24.1 billion in penalties 

And it all begins with a letter from the Internal Revenue Service stating that you owe taxes. From there it can end with a levy on your accounts, a seizure of your property and almost every penny that's coming to you with a few exceptions, of course. They can even take your Social Security and your retirement accounts.

The letters and your response to them (or lack thereof,) can be devastating. A lack of proper documentation can make matters worse and lying to the IRS can quickly result in a criminal case against you. 

Most importantly, signing a document without knowing its exact implications is something that you need to avoid. 

our tax representation can save you thousands

One of the most rewarding services of our practice is Tax Representation. It is always so gratifying to see clients come in pale white with worry and have them walk away with a smile, and even sometimes, like our client Arthur in the testimonial, with a little cash in their pocket!

We begin with a free consultation with Elliot to discuss whatever correspondence the IRS has sent you. During this initial meeting Elliot explains your options in language you can understand. He will advise you of the next steps to take and the costs you will incur. 

He will then go to work. He will update you periodically. And like he did with Arthur, he will save you thousands!



We know how the IRS works. We know their procedures, what they look for and what they need to have.



Deadlines are everything with the IRS. We adhere to these constraints meticulously.



We tell you exactly what we need to do and how much it will cost. We also explain everything in terms you will understand.



We have a solid reputation with the IRS and our clients. Don't take our word for it, read what our clients have to say HERE.



We do what it takes, whether its repetitive discussion, document submission, or extremely long hold times. We get the results you need.

benefits of tax representation

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