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quickbooks training

QuickBooks one-on-one sessions are the best way to learn the use of the software. Our sessions are taught by the only Certified QuickBooks Pro Advisor with over 10 years' experience in NEPA. He is also a CPA with over 38 years' experience who has pretty much seen everything and solved everything in QuickBooks.

Sessions are offered to those new to QuickBooks and those who have been using it and want to resolve their issues or learn to use it correctly.

i need help with quickbooks

if your use of quickbooks is wrong, your books will never be right

You purchase QuickBooks thinking that having the right software will make your finances easier. But having QuickBooks is only half the solution. You must have some knowledge of general accounting principles. You also need to know where each transaction needs to be entered within the software.

This is where most entrepreneurs fail and it sets off a downward spiral of inaccurate Books, which leads to more expensive tax returns, since the CPA doing the return has to set everything straight before even beginning to do attempt the return and so on and so on.

learn quickbooks one-on-one with a cpa certified quickbooks proadvisor

If you are new to QuickBooks, we will teach you some basic accounting principles and then go step by step through the software. We will answer all your questions and make sure you have plenty of materials to take with you. We are even available to provide additional services, such as installing your software and making sure it is up and running correctly. The session is completely hands-on so please bring a laptop, or let us know so we can provide one for you.

If you are already a QuickBooks user and are facing challenges, we will ask you to explain the problems and then, depending on the gravity of the issue, we will either resolve it during the session, offer additional services such as repairing the software, reinstalling it or having our CPA straighten out your books so you can get a fresh start! 



Sessions are just you and your instructor. You learn at your pace in a stress-free environment.



We are the only certified QuickBooks ProAdvisor in North East PA and have been teaching for over 10 years.



Everything is hands-on using your device of choice.



Everyone learns differently, we will use the best approach to ensure you retain the most information.


free food!

The bagels at these sessions are to die for!

benefits of quickbooks training

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