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forensic accounting

A service that provides objective financial evidence that will stand up in any courtroom or contested setting. A financial detective that will solve the puzzle of the money trail using meticulous and analytical methods along with the latest technology. A service that can assist in divorce proceedings, child support cases, family disputes and business matters.

i need help with forensic accounting

fraud plagues all facets of american life and you could be the next victim

Whether it is business suffering from the actions of the unscrupulous, a divorce proceeding threatening the livelihood of a family or a parent trying to secure a child's future, fraud is everywhere! According to the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners (ACFE),  the average loss due to fraud is $145K with 22% of fraud cases involving more than $1M.

Fraud is not going away either. Statistics show that fraud is increasing in the US at an alarming rate. The 2014 fraud rate in the US reached 36.8%, affecting organizations of all sizes and all industries as well as individuals and families.

forensic accounting provides solid financial evidence for the courts or contested setting

We make sure your evidence is objective and without any possibility of conflict of interest. We provide accurate and factual data based on an in-depth financial investigation. Our data is backed by over 40 years' of experience as Certified Public Accountants, five years working fraud and white-collar crime in the state of New York and the many individuals and businesses we have assisted in their own financial challenges.

We are meticulous, relentless and persistent. We follow the money trail, even when attempts have been made to conceal it. Our goal is to determine the facts and report on them.



Our CPA's experience in the District Attorney's office investigating white collar crime in the state of New York has given us a solid reputation for providing evidence.



We know the evidence needed for each situation and provide it in the acceptable format.



You are explained the results of the investigation in terms that you can understand.



We are relentless in the search for answers regardless of their complexity.



All investigations are discreet and avoid hindering legal processes

benefits of forensic accounting

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